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Weighing Module
ABS Plastic shell
Product Presentation

Main Technical Index

Input signal range: -19~+19mV

A/D conversion: 20 bit Sigma-Delta analog to digital

A/D sampling frequency: 3.84kHz

Load cell excitation voltage: DC5V/150mA

Double Display: 6 digits 0.23 inches high, LED display

Division number of the display: 100000d

Serial port: RS232 interface, RS485 interface

Working temperature: -10~+40℃

Storage temperature: -25~+55℃

Relative humidity: 85%

Power supplyDC10~24V


Product Features

  • Can display the weight value of each loadcell for easy detection and monitoring of the quality of the loadcell
  • Highly encrypted communication protocol can effectively prevent remote cheating
  • Support customize loadcell communication protocol
  • With large capacity memory
  • Three level timed shutdown function
  • Calibration without weights function
  • An external handheld wireless calibrator can be connected to make debugging more convenient and flexible.

4-20mA analog output optional