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Weighing Controller
Stainless steel
Product Presentation

Main Technical Index

Input signal range: -19~+19mV

Maximum division number of the display: 100000d

Weight update speed rate: 50 times/sec.

A/D conversion: 20 bit Sigma-Delta analog to digital

A/D sampling frequency: 3.84kHz

Display: 6 digits 1.2 inches high, LED display

Large screen interface: current loop interface

Working temperature: -10~+40℃

Storage temperature: -25~+55℃

Relative humidity: 85%

Load cell excitation voltage: DC5V /150mA

Power supply mode: AC87~242V, electric current is 0.1A; built-in DC7.4V/4Ah lithium battery

Serial port: RS232 interface (with electrostatic protection), continuous output, MODBUS-RTU, command input and output


Product Features

Ordinary weighing and counting functions

  • Two RS232 interface can communicate with the hose computer or external printers
  • RS485 interface (MODBUS-RTU), with isolation
  • It can print the record format or duplicate format
  • Manual/automatic counting and printing
  • Relay output (Optional)
  • Bluetooth function (Optional)
  • Internet interface TCP/IP (Optional)
  • 4-20mA (Optional)
  • Can connect with Hengtian D30 small display

IP66 waterproof