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can be used for packing scales, proportion scales, screening scales, stabilization control devices for upper and lower limits control etc



Weighing display controller (aluminum alloy shell)




can be used for packing scales, proportion scales, screening scales, stabilization control devices for upper and lower limits control etc 


Main Technical Index


  • Range of input signal: -10+35mV

  • A/D conversion: 24-bit sigma-delta A/D conversion

  • A/D sampling frequency: 38.400 kHz

  • Nonlinearity: 0.0015% F.S.

  • Gain error drift: 0.5ppm/

  • Minimum resolution: 0.1uV/d

  • Supply voltage: 5V/200mA (can connect 16 sensors)

  • Operating temperature: -10+50

  • Storage temperature: -40+85

  • Relative humidity: 90%R.H

  • Power supply: DC10V24V


Main Performance


  • Cabinet installation & Aluminum alloy shell

  • 0.5-inch 6-bit super bright LED display

  • To match a F2 wireless transmission box

  • To match 16-bit resolution ratio 4-20mA analog output interface (optional)

  • To match 3 input &output ON-OFF interface (optional)

  • RS232C & RS485 interface