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Suitable for all kinds of High-precision truck scales

Product Introduction


Weighing Display Controller (stainless steel shell)


Scope of application


Suitable for all kinds of High-precision truck scales





  • Input signal range: -19~+19mV

  • A/D conversion: 24-bit sigma-delta analog-to-digital conversion

  • A/D sampling frequency:38.400KHZ

  • Nonlinear:0.0015%F.S.

  • Gain error drift: 1ppm/

  • Minimum resolution:0.1uV/d

  • Display graduation value:≤10000

  • Excitation voltage:DC5V/350mA(16 700Ωsensors can be connected)

  • Operation temperature: 0~+40

  • Storage temperature:-40~+85

  • Relative humidity:90% R.H

  • Power consumption:10W

  • Dimensions:300×182×125mm

  • Weight:3.2kg




  • High-precisionweighting indicator,Max display graduation value10000.

  • Stainless steel shell,Better anti-interference performance and more durable.

  • 6-bit 0.8-inch white LED display.

  • It can display the millivolt signal of the sensor, which is convenient to detect and monitor the quality of the sensor.

  • With sensor long line compensation function,the total sensor line length can be longer.

  • The A/D conversion is consistent, and the instrument can be replaced without updating the calibration.

  • The range setting adopts password lock combined with overload detection query to prevent users from overloading weighing.

  • You can set the three-segment division value to automatically switch the display.

  • Using engineering ABS plastic shell, more durable.

  • calendar clock, automatically walking, not affected by power failure.

  • The use of large-capacity memory,can store 1507 weighing records.

  • With three-stage timer shutdown function.

  • Serial communication interface: RS-232, 20mA electric current loop and RS-485.

  • 1200/2400/4800/9600bps baud rate (optional).

  • To match external 24-pin printers and Parallel port58thermal printers.

  • All interfaces are designed with anti-static to prevent interface damage.

  • Powered by switching power supply AC110V~AC242V,49251HZ,can be more widely used.