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It is suitable for fixed value control devices such as packaging scales, batching scales, sorting scales, upper and lower limit control, etc.

Product Introduction

Weighing Display Controller (plastic shell)

Scope of application

It is suitable for fixed value control devices such as packaging scales, batching scales, sorting scales, upper and lower limit control, etc.


Input signal range:-39~+39mV

A/D conversion: 24-bit sigma-delta analog-to-digital conversion


Minimum resolution:0.2uV/d

Excitation voltage:5V/300mA(32sensors can be connected)

Display:6-digit super bright LED display

Serial communication interface:RS-232C,RS-485(MODBUS-RTU Protocol)

Analog interface:05V/010V/420mA analog output interface optional

Baud rate:1200,2400,4800,9600,19200 adjustable

Operating temperature:-40~+85

Relative humidity:90%R.H

Power supply:DC15 ~24V

Power consumption:3W

Dimensions:118×66×53mm(Rail clamping type)



Using engineering ABS plastic shell, more durable.

Display:6-digit super bright LED display.

An external handheld wireless calibrator can be connected to make debugging more convenient and flexible.

Calibration-free function.

Three-stage calibration shutdown function can be set.

Can display the internal code of a single sensor.

It is convenient to detect the quality of the sensor.

Uselarge-capacity memory,itcan store 1507 weighing records.