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HT9800-SCDF series products

SCDF series products


Weighing display controller (plastic case)

Hand-held wireless meters


can be usedfor variouswireless electronic hook scale

Main Technical Index

Hand-held wireless meters

  • Display: 6 bit 0.6-inch LCD display

  • Communication frequency: 433MHz (32 channels)

  • Communication distance: the unblocked distance is not less than 300m

  • Operating temperature: -10-+45℃

  • Relative humidity: ≤ 90% R.H

  • Power supply: Built-in 3.6V/ 4.4Ah lithium battery, with 4.2V charger charging

Main Performance

  • It has the characteristics of high reliability of wireless communication, simple and convenient operation and power saving

  • All electronic components are made of industrial grade components to ensure normal operation in harsh environments

  • Display battery power, scale power, antenna signal strength, gross weight, net

  • weight, weight unit, cumulative number and cumulative weight, etc