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HT9800-SCFZ series products

SCFZ series products


Weighing display controller (plastic case)

Hand-held dot-matrix wireless meter


can be usedfor variouswireless electronic hook scale

Main Technical Index

  • Input signal range: -19~+ 19mV

  • A/D conversion: 24-bit Sigma-Delta analog-to-digital conversion

  • A/D Sampling frequency: 38.400kHz

  • Non-linearity: ≤0.0015% F.S.

  • Gain error drift: 0.5PPM /℃

  • Minimum resolution: 0.1uV /d

  • Supply bridge voltage: DC5V/250mA

  • Radio frequency: 433MHz(32 frequency points optional)

  • Transmission distance: no less than 300 meters without obstruction

  • Transmission power supply: DC6V

  • Power supply of receiving instrument: DC6V

  • storage temperature: -40~+85 ℃

  • Relative humidity: ≤90% r.h.

  • Meter external dimensions: 80*200*60mm

Main Performance

  • Adopt data receiving no-error code technology to ensure no error code in wireless transmission

  • Special anti - sloshing filtering technology, fast weighing stability

  • 128*64 dot matrix LCD screen, full Chinese menu operation mode

  • Display battery power, date and time, weight, article number, cumulative times and cumulative weight

  • Multiple working modes and print formats can be selected

  • With automatic channel search, channel change and control weighing terminal shutdown

  • All calibration parameters are stored in the weighing terminal, and no recalibration is needed for changing the meter

  • It can be connected to wireless large screen monitors of all sizes at any time

  • Built-in thermal printer

  • Built-in 6.4V/1850mAh lithium battery