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can be used for various digital electronic scales


Digital weighing controller (stainless steel shell)


can be used for various digital electronic scales

Main Technical Index

Digital sensor module

  • Range of input signal: -19~+ 19mV

  • A/D conversion: 24-bit sigma-delta A/D conversion

  • Nonlinearity:0.001% F.S.

  • Gain error drift:±7 ppm/

  • Supply voltage: DC5V

  • Operating temperature: -40~+85

Digital indicator

  • Main display: 6-bit 0.8-inch white LED display

  • Secondary display: 2-bit 0.28-inch white LED display

  • Number of divisions:10000

  • Clock: calendar clock, automatic walking, not power failure influence

  • Serial communication interface: RS-232C, 20mA electronic current loop and RS-485 (optional)

  • Baud rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600 optional

  • Print: with external 24-pin printer, thermal printer

  • Operating temperature: -40~+85

  • Relative humidity:90% R.H

  • AC/DC power supply: AC90~242V, 49~51Hz or DC12V battery

  • Power dissipation:<15w

  • Overall dimensions:300×204×225mm

Main Performance

  • 6-bit VFD (vacuum fluorescent display), stainless steel outer covering

  • Be capable of displaying mill volt signal, and easy to detect whether the sensor is in good condition or not

  • Filtering progression adjustment (Grade 1-4) and the T3.0 of stabilization control procedure

  • The sensor long-line compensatory function and the sensor main line can make longer

  • No re-scaling is needed during instrument changing

  • Automatic switching in 3 graduations

  • Calendar clocks, automatic walking, not power failure influence

  • Large capacity memory, may store reaches 1507 group of weighing records

  • 3-level timing power off

  • 20mA current loop and RS-232C or RS-485 (optional) serial communication interface

  • Baud rate 1200/2400/4800/9600 (optional)

  • The standard parallel printer connection, may match each kind of needle type printer

  • With a digital terminal block and it can arrange the address for the digital sensor automatically